About Us


Based in UK, our online store is committed to embarking on a new path with the aim of sharing our knowledge and experience in design with everyone. As passionate individuals with years of experience in sewing and embroidery, we take pleasure in adding a personal touch to our clothing by embroidering digitalized motifs, often brand logos.

Our desire is to continue doing what we love by sharing the designs we create in our online store, while offering the best quality and service to our customers. We are driven by the commitment to provide a unique and personalized experience, where you can find carefully embroidered and one-of-a-kind items.

We constantly strive to stay at the forefront of design trends and innovation in the embroidery field. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to develop new, unique, and captivating motifs to meet your highest expectations.

By choosing our online store, you join a community of enthusiasts who share our love for sewing and embroidery. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you express your own style through our beautiful embroidered garments.

Feel free to browse our collection and contact us if you have any questions or specific requests. We are here to provide you with an exceptional shopping experience and assist you in your quest for unique and personalized clothing.


Why choose FineryEmbroidery?

Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Instant download after purchase: We understand the importance of speed and convenience. Once you make your purchase, you can instantly download your embroidery designs. No waiting necessary – you can start your project right away.

  2. Quality-checked embroidery designs: We place a strong emphasis on the quality of our embroidery designs. Each design is carefully checked to ensure it meets our high standards. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality embroidery patterns to create beautiful and long-lasting pieces.

  3. Unique and personalized products: At FineryEmbroidery, we believe in individuality. Our embroidery designs are crafted with creativity and passion, making them truly unique products. You can add a personal touch to your garments, accessories, or projects using our exclusive embroidery patterns. Unleash your imagination and create pieces that truly represent you.

By choosing FineryEmbroidery, you gain instant access to quality embroidery designs, an easy download experience, and unique, personalized products. Trust in our expertise and unleash your creativity with our beautiful embroidery designs.