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Mastering the Backstitch and Exploring Basting

by Finery Embroidery 12 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Backstitching Technique:

  1. Initiate the backstitch by stitching two forward stitches.
  2. Halt the sewing process and engage the backstitch button or lever (depending on your model).
  3. Hold down the button and sew two backward stitches.
  4. Release the button and resume sewing forward for a secure seam.

Basting Stitch Unveiled: Discover the purpose and method behind the basting stitch:

  1. Basting is employed to temporarily hold fabric pieces together or create ease and gathers.
  2. Choose the highest number on the stitch length selector, typically 5.
  3. Avoid backstitching when basting, as it's intended for temporary use and removal.

By incorporating these techniques, you'll enhance your sewing repertoire, ensuring both the security of your seams with backstitching and the versatility of basting for temporary fabric placement. Happy sewing!

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