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Selecting the Right Tools for Sewing

by Finery Embroidery 12 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Choosing the Right Tools for Your Sewing Kit

When navigating the selection of pins, needles, cushions, and threaders at the fabric store, the abundance of choices can be overwhelming. To help you kickstart your sewing journey, here are some essential types to consider. Feel free to expand your toolkit as you discover your preferences and the tools that prove most useful.

pins and needles
  1. Opt for steel straight pins featuring colorful glass heads – they're not only easy to see and use but also resistant to melting under a hot iron.
  2. Embrace the convenience of a magnetic "pincushion," a personal favorite. Swipe it over your sewing table or the floor, and watch it effortlessly pick up any loose pins.
  3. Explore stuffed pincushions designed to keep pins upright, making them easily accessible when you have only one free hand. Additionally, they protect the pins' points from dust and moisture, and some varieties can even attach to your sewing machine.
  4. Utilize safety pins for pulling elastic through casings or as alternatives to regular pins when working on large projects that you plan to fold and store for later.
  5. Stock up on hand-sewing needles in various sizes for both the eye and the length/width of the needle. Having a variety pack ensures you're prepared for delicate tasks with a super-small needle or handling thick, tough fabrics with a larger one.
  6. Consider a needle threader as a valuable tool, especially if you struggle with the tiny needle eye or have shaky hands. This versatile tool works well with both hand-sewing and machine needles.

    Remember, a needle threader can significantly assist those who find it challenging to thread a tiny needle eye or have shaky hands.

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