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Perle Cotton Threads For Embroidery, New Solid Color Variations & Sizes Launched

by Finery Embroidery 28 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Published June 1, 2023

The thread maker's collection features both new solid color variations and a new selection of sizes. Valdani Inc is dedicated to providing Canadian and North American embroiderers and sewists of all kinds with the highest quality perle cotton on the market and, as such, their range uses 100% long-staple cotton.

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Valdani Inc has launched its new cotton threads for embroidery in response to the ongoing rise in popularity of modern embroidery. As a recent article on the Financial Times explained, called 'Why Embroidery is Sew Hot Right Now', embroidery is now used for everything from pretty petals to political slogans, and they described it as the "ultimate in slow fashion".

Valdani has charted the embroidery trend and they wish to offer embroiders of all ages, including young embroiderers who are reimagining the craft, more high-quality products to work with. They hope that this will ensure an embroiderer's final designs become truly beautiful, or edgy, if that's the look they are cultivating.

The thread maker is now offering their perle cotton threads for embroidery in three sizes: size 12, which is a very fine thread, size 8, which is a medium-weight thread, and size 5, which is a heavy thread. Valdani Inc believes each weight can be used depending on the style or requirements of an embroidery project, with the fine size 12 thread giving embroiderers the ability to add more definition to their designs.

The thread experts have also expanded their color options and their 100% long staple thread is now available in 150 solid colors. All of Valdani's threads are hand-dyed and guaranteed colorfast.

Valdani Inc is based in Alberta, and they work with embroiderers and sewists all over North America. In addition to offering perle cotton thread for embroidery, they have threads for quilting, stitching, crochet, wool applique, and more.

A spokesperson for the thread maker and retailer said, "Valdani has produced and offered you the most beautiful, decorative quality threads for sewing, quilting, embroidery and needlecraft, for both hand and home sewing machines, as well as for commercial machines and industrial usage, since 1998."

More details can be found at

Valdani Inc

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