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Personalized custom napkins, perfect for your Christmas lunch and dinner

by Finery Embroidery 27 Sep 2023 0 Comments
Crafting festive napkins is a simple and enjoyable sewing and embroidery project, perfect for enhancing your holiday table. This quick and easy undertaking can be finished in a matter of minutes, making it an ideal sewing project for beginners.
Christmas Napkins


  • Utilize linen or cotton fabric (see “Source”)
  • Employ wash-away stabilizer.
  • Choose a fabric marker, like Frixion.
  • Have a point turner on hand.
  • Acquire alphabet Christmas designs.


• Cut four 18" squares from the fabric and meticulously press to eliminate any creases.

• Fold the edges towards the wrong side by ½" and press firmly.

• Keep the folds intact, folding the right sides together along one corner to create a point.

• Using the folded edge as a guide, mark a line at 90°, commencing where the raw edge meets the folded edge (A).

Tip: Employing a clear acrylic ruler for marking this line allows you to align the folded edge with the ruler's markings.


• Stitch along the marked line, securing stitches at both ends. Trim excess fabric to ¼" from the stitched seam.

• Finger press the seam open and flip it towards the right side. Use a point turner to push out the corners and press.

• Secure the seam in place, stitching 1⁄8" from the inside folded edge (B).

• Indicate the embroidery design's location with a fabric marker.

REPEAT PROCESS Repeat the aforementioned steps with the remaining napkin squares.


• Download the embroidery design and upload it onto the embroidery machine.

• Secure a piece of wash-away stabilizer and a napkin in the hoop. Attach the hoop onto the machine.

• Stitch the design, adjusting colors as necessary.

• Once the machine completes the embroidery, remove the hoop and carefully detach the napkin from it.

• Rinse the napkin under water to dissolve the stabilizer completely. Lay it flat to dry.

Alphabet Christmas Embroidery Designs


Coton stretch bordeaux Bordeaux stretch cotton: Driessen Stoffen


Linen viscose petrol Linen viscose petrol: Driessen Stoffen

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