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The magic of double-sided tape for embroidery projects

by Finery Embroidery 29 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Hooping tape

Embarking on an embroidery project? Here's your new secret weapon: painter's tape. This discreet Precision with every stitch:

Tool isn't just for protecting walls from paint splatters; it's a versatile ally when it comes to needlework. Here's why you should consider adding painter's tape to your embroidery toolkit:

Painter's tape proves invaluable for embroidery projects. Whether tracing intricate designs or creating a reference line for the center of the project, this tape ensures that every stitch falls into place with precision.

Heavy or bulky substrates:

To begin, position a piece of thick-cut stabilizer within a hoop that generously exceeds the dimensions of the embroidery. It's crucial to have ample space around the embroidery for the application of double-sided tape.

Carefully trim the stabilizer just inside the tape, ensuring a neat fit. Affix the item securely to the hoop by pressing down on all edges of the machine ribbon with your finger.

Consider rotating the item in a different direction, as it might make the process more manageable. Don't forget to rotate it accordingly.

Slide a small portion of stabilizer beneath the item to provide support to the embroidery area. Stand by the machine until the embroidery process is complete. Bid farewell to fabric slippage and uneven tension - this tape serves as your passport to achieving a flawlessly square canvas for your embroidery masterpiece.

Beyond the frame:

Sometimes supports go beyond the frame, especially when you're working on special projects. Painter's tape is a reliable assistant that holds these materials in place and lets you concentrate on your work without fear of them slipping.

Thread tamer:

Embroidery tends to leave a trail of loose threads in its wake. Painter's tape is your cleaning companion. Gently press a strip of tape over the finished embroidery, and watch as it effortlessly picks up stray threads, leaving your creation spotless.

In addition to its main uses, painter's tape features a soft adhesive that won't damage delicate fabrics. It's a must-have for all embroidery enthusiasts looking for a tool that combines functionality and finesse.

Pro tips :

When using painter's tape on delicate fabrics, first press it against your garment to reduce its adhesive power and avoid any potential damage.

Try out different widths of tape to find the one best suited to your different embroidery projects.

Step up your embroidery game with simple yet powerful painter's tape - it's no longer just for painters!

Looking for an innovative method to secure fabrics and notions during in-the-hoop work? Look no further than Sulky Clear Embroidery Tape! This tape offers a cost-effective solution as it is reusable for multi-step projects. Its strength and repositioning capability ensure precise placement every time. Moreover, it leaves no residue on your hoop, stabilizer, or fabric. It's a triple win! Check it out at

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